Line Boring of Frame Bracket and Stern Tube Bearing Bores on an Alu Hulled Luxury Yacht

The yacht 'Midnight', under repair at the Pendennis Shipyard, Falmouth, England, required machining of bearing bores, effected by M&A Engineering.  While under repair at the Pendennis yard, it was discovered that the aluminium-hulled 'Midnight' had a misalignment between the gearbox, stern tube bearing, and ‘A’ frame bearing locations.

The Pendennis Engineers provided M & A with datum references to re-bore the two bearing locations and correct the misalignment. M&A machined the bearing location bores on the ‘A’ Frame and Stern Tube.

We utilised two sets of line boring equipment for this project so that the 'A' frame bore and stern tube bore could be machined simultaneously


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