Machining Case Study - Cantilever Bridge

M&A were recently asked to assist in the restoration of a cantilever bridge. In order to restore the bridge it was necessary to machine both linear and radial tracks.

In order to correct the problem we needed to machine both these tracks to ensure that they were uniform in profile and restored to the manufacturers original tolerance and specification. 

The area that needed machining was relatively large. Each track was 8m long and, in some places, as much as 17mm of steel needed to be removed. To complete the milling of the the flat tracks we used one of our precision linear milling machines. Each set up covered a total milling area of 2m by 3m.

The milling of the radial tracks required a custom milling machine to be build and tested by our engineers. This equipment was then used alongside the linear milling machine to ensure that both tracks were completely uniform and correctly aligned.

During both these processes our engineers used optical telescopes to ensure that the radial and flat tracks of the bridge were correctly mated and aligned. Once the milling was complete, we then fitted a total of 32m of new, pre-formed wear plates to both the radial and flat tracks.

This is what the client had to say: 

M&A’s comprehensive on site capability meant they had a solution to every problem encountered on this difficult project

This project is a prime example of how our in-house designed machining equipment can be applied to any site environment. We’ve designed and used custom milling equipment in the petro-chemical, marine, steel and aggregate production industries. In each case, the results have been outstanding.

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