Machining for the Petrochemical Industry

Over the years we’ve provided machining services for many of customers in a wide range of different industries and sectors. One industry which commonly requires machining assistance is the petrochemical industry.

The high safety standards and the volatile nature of the substances used in the petrochemical industry mean that components need to be made to very high tolerances. If a component or piece of equipment doesn’t meet the required standards, the results can be extremely serious. 

As well as our general machining services we also have a range of specialist petrochemical machining services. These include; flange facing (in excess of 2m), bed machining, precision surveys, hydraulic drilling and tapping. We are also able to provide bespoke machining services to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Petrochemical Machining Case Study

We are asked to assist when an acid blister formed in the top of one of an alkylation vessels at a refinery. This deformity put a question mark over the integrity of the vessel and needed to be fixed as soon as possible.

To fix the problem we needed to remove the blistered section using a mobile cold cutting application. The section that needed to be removed was  2m in diameter, 50mm thick and weighed in excess of 1/2 a ton. 

The size and nature of this job meant that machining in a workshop environment simply wasn’t possible. To complete the task, our engineers modified a large facing machine which could be operated onsite. As a result, the job was completed with minimal disruption and downtime.

This is a prime example of how our wide experience and expertise allows us to solve complicated engineering problems in challenging environments. 

If you’d like more information about our petrochemical machining services, or if you have a particular job you’d like to discuss with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch