Repair Work On Royal Fleet Auxiliary Ship

The RFA Sir Bedivere was a 137m ship used to facilitate military landings. She was part of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary for over 40 years and saw service in the Falklands War, the Persian Gulf and Sierra Leone. When she wasn’t in military action, she was based at Marchwood in Hampshire.

In 2008 RFA Sir Bedivere was decommissioned by the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and sold to the Brazilian Navy.

Before it was commissioned by the Brazilian Navy, A&P Falmouth were given the responsibility of completely overhauling the ship. After a thorough survey of the ship, A&P found that both the port and starboard prop shaft bearings needed repairing. Unfortunately, this had to be repaired without the shafts leaving the ship.

When A&P tasked us with carrying out the in-situ repairs we soon discovered that wear had occurred on both bearing surfaces and came up with a solution that allowed an in-situ solution.  One of the major challenges with this particular job was that each bearing had a diameter of 330mm and was over 1.5m long. With only a small amount of adjustment, our on-site machining equipment and team of on site engineers were able to quickly re-establish true and concentric diameters on both shafts.

If these shafts had to be removed in order to complete the repairs we would have had to cut through the hull of the ship. The fact that these repairs were done ‘in-situ’ saved a great deal of work and expense. Also, as A&P were working to a very tight deadline, the time-savings were also greatly appreciated.

The RFA Sir Bedivere has now been commissioned by the Brazilian Navy and has been renamed the Almirante Saboia.

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