Pipe Machining for Canadian Gas Field

We are often required to travel all over the world to complete a wide range of machining jobs. We recently won a contract to design and manufacture some very specialist pipe machining equipment for an offshore development in Canada.

The job itself required us to travel to Italy to work on components that would then be transported to Canada’s first off shore development in carbonate reef near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The ‘Riva Group’ managed the project and they brought us in to machine the heads of over 200 pipes.

The 204 pipes that needed machining were ‘buckle arrestor pipes’. Each one needed to be machined from a diameter of 565.4mm down to 559.0mm. This diameter was required over the first 250mm of each pipe. Clearly, this task needed to be completed with 100% accuracy. Another challenge was that the Riva Group needed a very fast turnaround to ensure they had enough time to carry out the shot blasting and coating of the pipes before they were shipped to Nova Scotia.

The main challenge we faced when approaching this task was that the wall thickness tolerance of each pipe needed to be completely maintained. What made this more difficult was that each pipe could be anything up to 5mm ‘out of round’.

The solution was to design and manufacture bespoke orbital turning machines that took this variation in shape into consideration. Once we had designed and built the equipment we needed, the process of machining the pipes was relatively straightforward.

We were able to pass the pipes on to the customer sooner than expected and they were very pleased with the results. The pipes are now being used to transport up to 400million cf/d of natural gas from the offshore plant to the Canadian shoreline.

If you’d like to know more about the machining services we are able to offer customers in the petrochemical industry, or if you’ve go a particular job you’d like to discuss with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.