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ON Site Services

We offer comprehensive On Site Machining services including bespoke machine design and manufacture.

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M&A possesses an extensive heavy workshop facility including a calibration room and CNC manufacturing capabilities.

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our Workshop services


There are an infinite number of situations which might require precision turning including reclamation or re-manufacture of bespoke items.

Line boring

Our purpose built workshop facility allows us to operate and maintain state of the art line boring equipment.


The advantage of having a large, purpose built workshop facility at our disposal is the ability it gives us to install and maintain the best machinery for the job.


Precision grinding requires a controlled workshop environment, the right tools and highly skilled machinists. We offer a range of grinding services and operate and maintain three different grinding machines.

CNC Manufacture

We have two Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) crafting machines. These innovative manufacturing centres greatly speed up the process of batch or production machining.


We operate two precision drilling machines, which allows us to complete all drilling tasks with the greatest level of efficiency, accuracy and control.


We have the slotting equipment to undertake most internal keyway requirements.

Calibration Room

At M&A Engineering we aim to provide a fully comprehensive service to our clients. This includes the calibration of torque and tension tools, equipment and gauges.


Our bandsaw can handle metals up to Ø355mm (or Ø14”).

Fitting Bay

At M&A Engineering we are always striving to improve the service we offer our clients. This service doesn't just include the machining itself, it’s about the whole process.